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Forestry and wood

Published on 13 April 2016


  • Forestry and wood industries: paper and pulp, furniture, packaging, lumber, wood energy, and biorefineries
  • Forestry and wood industry equipment manufacturers
  • Forestry companies and forest resource management organizations

CEA Tech research for the forestry and wood industries focuses on use of resources rather than on production and harvesting.

CEA Tech wood energy research targets the development of innovative gasification processes and combined heat and power (CHP) generation. CEA Tech researchers are also developing processes like pyrolysis and torrefaction to produce biofuels that could replace fossil-based fuels.

In terms of wood as a construction material, CEA Tech leverages both numerical modelling and laboratory experimentation to study heat and moisture transfer, modular construction techniques, prefabricated facades, and more.

Finally, CEA Tech investigates wood as a bio-based raw material for green chemistry applications, such as the production of phenols from lignin.