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Science Fair, Parvis des sciences 2019

From 10/10/2019 to 10/12/2019
Parvis des sciences, Grenoble, France

​For the twelfth consecutive year, the GIANT campus and its partners in Grenoble are mobilizing and organizing the 2019 Science Fair: Saturday, October 12 for the general public free entry and from October 10 to 11 for schoolchildren in Minatec, Parvis Louis Néel in Grenoble.

For the curious and passionate about science of all ages, the Science Parvis 2019 will offer you an overview of scientific research in the fields of energy, new technologies, health, or even biology.

Among thirty stands, you can visit the area proposed by Leti teams and take part in attractive activities! It's an opportunity to manipulate, to wonder ... and to have fun with science.

Come discover :

1.     Accelerometers in everyday life

Come discover a giant model of an accelerometer and understand the basic principles that guide your object in relation to the earth. How to switch from portrait to landscape mode on your smart phone? How does your game console controller reproduce your movements? How does your airbag fire?

2.     From sand to the chip

Electronic chips are present in many objects of modern life: mobile phones, game consoles, etc. But do you know how, from the quartz sand, they are made? We will explain how, in the clean rooms of Leti, we go from the silicon wafer to the realization of these chips and how we can hold three billion transistors on a chip of just 2cm2.

3.     The decoded light

The light as you have never seen it. Our eye only perceives the visible part of the light. But its spectrum extends from X-radiation to radio waves, via UV, infrared. We will illustrate it by 3 applications: IR imaging, LED lighting and "coded" light in optical fibers, to transmit data.

4.     Find out what's in your smartphone

What is a mobile phone? More specifically, what are the technical evolutions and associated trades? So many questions and answers on this stand offered by Leti's laboratories.

5.     Drops and bubbles to handle cells and globules

On-chip labs are miniaturized devices that can perform tasks normally reserved for a laboratory. They respond to current issues in health and environment: analyze a drop of blood or water, detect bacteria in the air or in food ... Experiments will illustrate the phenomena involved and their applications.

6.     Sensors at the service of intelligent construction

Accelerometers, magnetometers and gyrometers are at the heart of new generation construction sites. Discover, through different models and simulations, the impact of sensors in intelligent construction.

Practical information


Tram B - "Cité internationale"
3 Parvis Louis Néel
Grenoble INP amphitheatre - Phelma and MINATEC house
38000 Grenoble

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