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Converting biomass to energy

Biomass Platform

Published on 7 May 2019

The biomass platform is unique in France in terms of the sheer scope of its R&D activities, which cover biomass grinding, torrefaction, pyrolisis and gasification processes from an analytical scale up to 100 kg per hour — with results that can be extrapolated to industrial processes. The platform’s overriding purpose is to produce high-yield energy while eliminating waste and controlling emissions of substances like heavy metals and sulfur. The platform’s equipment includes several reactors, a grinding unit, and torrefaction and gasification furnaces. Beyond the traditional sources of biomass, like wood and farm and forest byproducts, researchers at the platform are looking at household waste, pulp and paper by products, wastewater treatment sludge, and micro-algae as additional biomass sources.


​​40 engineers and technicians


​An 11-meter-high, 3.5-meter diameter torrefaction furnace; a high-pressure, high-temperature gasification furnace


​€7 million in investment


​15 Industrial partners including ENGIE, CMI, Michelin, etc.


​800 sq. m space

​20 patents: 6 - 8 patent applications per year

These materials are used to produce fuel in either liquid or gas form, as well as useful byproducts of the biomass conversion process. The research aims to make biomass a viable source of energy by 2020. The platform works with around fifteen industrial partners ( including ENGIE, CMI, Michelin, etc.) and academic partners.

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