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Fuel cells for transportation and stationary applications

Fuel Cell Platform

Published on 7 May 2019

With €6 million in equipment and a staff of 40 engineers and technicians, the fuel-cell platform takes a truly unique approach to designing and improving fuel cells. It is the only center in the world to cover materials, membrane-electrode assemblies, stacks, testing, modelling, and characterization. Around ten manufacturers from around the world—including Symbio FCell and Areva Energy Storage—conduct R&D at the platform. The platform’s missions are to speed the transfer of new fuel-cell technology to transportation and stationary applications and build a strong intellectual property portfolio, adding around 10–20 new patents per year. The platform builds demonstrators for testing in real-world conditions.

For example, the hydrogen-powered Zero CO2 vessel has been sailing since 2010, and the EPICEA and PROSPAC generators are producing 5 kW of useable electricity. The platform also has specific equipment like a roll-to-roll electrode manufacturing machine for membrane-electrode assemblies and a stack-assembling machine.

The fuel-cells produced by the platform are at the international state of the art in terms of performance, lifespan, and form factor, all benefits that should open the door to nichemarket applications in the near future.

A comprehensive approach from materials to systems integration


​40 engineers and technicians


​Around 20 test benches for fuel cells from 10 W to 50 kW


​€6 million in investment


​Over ten industrial partners 


​500 sq. m

​10 - 20 patent applications P.A