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Getting the most out of a new source of energy

Hydrogen Production and Storage

Published on 7 May 2019

The objective of the hydrogen production and storage platform is to develop innovative hydrogen production, conversion, and storage processes so that hydrogen can be effectively used as a source of energy. The platform develops and tests demonstrators of significant size in partnership with manufacturing companies.

The platform’s hydrogen-production research focuses on high-energy yield, high-temperature (700°C to 800°C) water-vapor electrolysis. Other applications for this technology include power-to-gas conversion via water-vapor/carbon-dioxide electrolysis. Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) are the main area of conversion research at the platform. SOFCs operate at high temperature and can use hydrogen or other gases (such as natural gas and biogas). Cogeneration is currently the priority application for SOFCs. The platform is also working on low-pressure solid-hydrogen storage processes for stationary and transportation applications. In a world first, the platform joined forces with France-based McPhy Energy to test a 15-kg solid-hydrogen storage tank.


​40 researchers and technicians


​Major equipment: performance qualification devices for electolysers/resevoirs


​€6 million euros invested


​Around ten industrial partners notable equipment Electrolyzer and tank performance and durability testing capabilities


​800 sq. m facility, plus a 120 sq. m outdoor testing area

​45 patents, 7 patent applications P.A.