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Li-ion battery management and maintenance


Published on 7 May 2019

PowerUp’s smart chargers can help double the lifespans of Li-ion batteries and make predictive maintenance easier.

Charging Li-ion batteries so that they last as long as possible is a challenge for the operators of fleets of battery-powered equipment like electric bicycles, drones, and signage. PowerUp, a startup founded in 2017, has come up with a response. The company’s smart chargers determine for each charge the optimal voltage and power according to battery temperature, charge status, and level of degradation. 

PowerUp leverages seven patents obtained over several years of research on battery degradation mechanisms at Liten. Tests have shown that efficient management can lengthen a battery’s lifespan by anywhere from 50% to 150%—that’s double on average!

Equipment fleet managers can also benefit from PowerUp’s supervision module, which centralizes the data from all chargers, facilitating predictive battery maintenance, a more efficient and less expensive alternative to the systematic periodic replacement of batteries.

PowerUp won the 2017 Orange Fab France award and is currently working on a project to sell Li-ionbattery-powered emergency lights to Enedis, which operates France’s national electricity grid.

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