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Working with Liten

Published on 7 May 2019

At Liten, we are poised to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from start-ups and SMEs to major multinationals. Our main facilities in Grenoble and Chambéry, France, are supplemented by regional offices in Bordeaux, Metz, Toulouse, Nantes, Cadarache and Lille, and by experimental technology platforms in Cadarache and Corsica. We offer a flexible range of R&D services that can be tailored to our industrial partners’ specific innovation strategies. Our turnkey services are designed to boost our partners’ competitiveness, with targeted solutions for all stages of technology development, from material characterization and economically-viable components through to complete systems to address the current and future needs of a specific market. Moreover, all our services are provided in an ISO 9001-certified environment with the right systems and resources to ensure confidentiality, cost efficiency, and on-time completion of development projects.​

Choose from four types of partnership 

Industrial research agreement: 

​Covers a given time period and a clearly-identified R&D topic; can be coupled with a collaborative R&D project (like those funded by the French National Research Agency, French Single Interministerial Fund, or EU programs) to secure additional financing and extend a project’s reach. Our engineers have proven experience with this type of collaborative project and can provide expert assistance at all stages.

Affilia​​te programs: 

Multipartner R&D programs with simplified administrative procedures; especially suited to SMEs with little or no in-house R&D capabilities.

Joint R&​D lab: 

We set up a joint research team with our partner under a reciprocal agreement for a period of up to several years. Shared goals, technology milestones, and joint management mechanisms are outlined in the agreement.

Technology tra​nsfer: 

Partners can license our technology under certain conditions, and benefit from our technical support to transfer mature, patented technology to industry.

A tailor-made offering

  • ​We tailor the technical resources, number of scientists and engineers, budget, and calendar for each joint development project to meet each partner’s unique needs. 

  • In some cases*, 60% of the R&D costs billed to our partners may be eligible for the French government’s Research Tax Credit program.

*Relates to companies paying tax in France.​

  • ​​Projects can be financed and intellectual property managed in a variety of different ways depending on the technology being developed and its maturity. The CEA has a strong intellectual property policy designed to protect the interests of its partners worldwide.