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Nanosafe 2018

General Overview

Organized every two years in Grenoble since 2008, Nanosafe Conference  is intended for sharing latest research results on health and safety issues related to nanomaterials and beyond for a socially responsible approach. This conference is also an opportunity for networking and re-connecting with colleagues on a wide range of topics.

​​​The Sixth International Conference NANOSAFE 2018 will be held from 5th to 9th November 2018 in Minatec-Grenoble, France.

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Published on 8 February 2018


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Topics (preliminary)

1. Measurement and chara​cterization of nano objects
2. Exposure
3. Manufactured nano objects
3.1 Nano objects release from nanoproducts
3.2 Safer by design nanomaterials and process
3.3 Pilot plant production / Industrial issues
4. Risks
4.1 Occupational risk assessment 
4.2 Environmental risk assessment
4.3 Tools and commercial equipment
4.4 Risk management 
4.5 Nano responsible development and sustainability  
5. Nano objects and Health / Hazard
5.1 Toxicology
5.2 Environmental interactions of nanomaterials
5.3 Safe use of nano objects for medicine applications
6. Regulation / Standardization
7. Urban particles and emerging pollutants



Parvis Louis Néel  
38054 Grenoble, FRANCE​

International Scientific Committee


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