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Publié le 12 novembre 2018

Octobre-novembre 2018

  • Lim S., Jung J.-H., Blanchard L., de Groot A. (2018)
    Conservation and diversity of radiation and oxidative stress resistance mechanisms in Deinococcus species, FEMS Microbiology Reviews

Juillet- septembre 2018

  • Burlacot A., Sawyer A., Cuiné S., Auroy P., Blangy S., Happe T., Peltier G. (2018)
    Flavodiiron-mediated O2 photoreduction links H2 production with CO2 fixation during the anaerobic induction of photosynthesis, Plant Physiology,
  • Carmona A., Malard V., Avazeri E., Roudeau S., Porcaro F., Paredes E., Vidaud C., Bresson C., Ortega R. (2018)
    Uranium exposure of human dopaminergic cells results in low cytotoxicity, accumulation within sub-cytoplasmic regions, and down regulation of MAO-B, Neurotoxicology, 68, 177-188.
  • D'Alessandro S., Ksas B., Havaux M. (2018)
    Decoding ß-cyclocitral-mediated retrograde signaling reveals the role of a detoxification response controlled by SCL14 and ANAC102 in plant tolerance to photooxidative stress, The Plant Cell
  • Gal A., Sorrentino A., Kahil K., Pereiro E., Faivre D., Scheffel A. (2018)
    Native-state imaging of calcifying and noncalcifying microalgae reveals similarities in their calcium storage organelles, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • Giraud E., Hannibal L., Chaintreuil C., Fardoux J., Verméglio A. (2018)
    Synthesis of Carotenoids of Industrial Interest in the Photosynthetic Bacterium Rhodopseudomonas palustris : Bioengineering and Growth Conditions. In Microbial Carotenoids: Methods and Protocols, C. Barreiro, and J.-L. Barredo, eds. (New York, NY: Springer New York), pp. 211-220.
  • Havaux M., D'Alessandro S. (2018)
    Use of Beta-cyclocitric acid or a salt thereof to enhance plant tolerance to drought stress, Patent WO/2018/162449 du 13/09/2018.
  • Kong F., Burlacot A., Liang Y., Legeret B., Alseekh S., Brotman Y., Fernie A. R., Krieger-Liszkay A., Beisson F., Peltier G., Li-Beisson Y. (2018)
    Interorganelle Communication: Peroxisomal MALATE DEHYDROGENASE 2 Connects Lipid Catabolism to Photosynthesis through Redox Coupling in Chlamydomonas, The Plant Cell
  • Markel E., Dalenberg H., Monteil C. L., Vinatzer B. A., Swingle B. (2018)
    An AlgU-regulated antisense transcript encoded within the Pseudomonas syringae fleQ gene has a positive effect on motility, J Bacteriol, .
  • Monteil C. L., Perriere G., Menguy N., Ginet N., Alonso B., Waisbord N., Cruveiller S., Pignol D., Lefevre C. T. (2018)
    Genomic study of a novel magnetotactic Alphaproteobacteria uncovers the multiple ancestry of magnetotaxis, Environ. Microbiol.
  • Rey P., Tarrago L. (2018)
    Physiological Roles of Plant Methionine Sulfoxide Reductases in Redox Homeostasis and Signaling, Antioxidants, 7(9), 114.

Mai-juin 2018

  • Bechtold U., Field B. (2018)
    Molecular mechanisms controlling plant growth during abiotic stress, Journal of Experimental Botany, 69(11), 2753-2758.
  • Bonnot C., Nussaume L., Desnos T. (2018)
    Identification of Chemical Inducers of the Phosphate-Starvation Signaling Pathway in A. thaliana Using Chemical Genetics, In Methods Mol. Biol., 1795, 65-84.
  • Burlacot A., Peltier G. (2018)
    CHAPTER 8 Photosynthetic Electron Transfer Pathways During Hydrogen Photoproduction in Green Algae: Mechanisms and Limitations, in Microalgal Hydrogen Production: Achievements and Perspectives, ed. the Royal Society of Chemistry, 189-212.
  • Dumas L., Zito F., Auroy P., Johnson X., Peltier G., Alric J. (2018)
    Structure-function analysis of chloroplast proteins via random mutagenesis using error-prone PCR, Plant Physiology, 177(2), 465-475.
  • Faure D., Simon J. C., Heulin T. (2018)
    Holobiont: a conceptual framework to explore the eco‐evolutionary and functional implications of host–microbiota interactions in all ecosystems, New Phytologist, 218(4), 1321-1324.
  • Ferretti U., Ciura J., Ksas B., Rác M., Sedlářová M., Kruk J., Havaux M., Pospíšil P. (2018) 
    Chemical quenching of singlet oxygen by plastoquinols and their oxidized products in Arabidopsis, The Plant Journal
  • Field B. (2018)
    Green magic: regulation of the chloroplast stress response by (p)ppGpp in plants and algae, Journal of Experimental Botany, 69(11), 2797-2807.
  • Fojcik C., Arnoux P., Ouerdane L., Aigle M., Alfonsi L., Borezee-Durant E. (2018)
    Independent and cooperative regulation of staphylopine biosynthesis and trafficking by Fur and Zur, Mol Microbiol, 108(2), 159-177. 
  • Jokel M., Johnson X., Peltier G., Aro E. M., Allahverdiyeva Y. (2018)
    Hunting the main player enabling Chlamydomonas reinhardtii growth under fluctuating light, The Plant Journal, 94(5), 822-835.
  • Kong F., Torres Romero I., Warakanont J., Li-Beisson Y. (2018)
    Lipid catabolism in microalgae, New Phytologist, 218(4),1340-1348.
  • Ksas B., Legeret B., Ferretti U., Chevalier A., Pospíšil P., Alric J., Havaux M. (2018)
    The plastoquinone pool outside the thylakoid membrane serves in plant photoprotection as a reservoir of singlet oxygen scavengers., Plant Cell Environment.
  • Monteil C. L., Menguy N., Preveral S., Warren A., Pignol D., Lefevre C. T. (2018)
    Accumulation and Dissolution of Magnetite Crystals in a Magnetically Responsive Ciliate, Appl Environ Microbiol, 84(8).
  • Ouertani A., Chaabouni I., Mosbah A., Long J., Barakat M., Mansuelle P., Mghirbi O., Najjari A., Ouzari H.-I., Masmoudi A. S., Maresca M., Ortet P., Gigmes D., Mabrouk K., Cherif A. (2018)
    Two New Secreted Proteases Generate a Casein-Derived Antimicrobial Peptide in Bacillus cereus Food Born Isolate Leading to Bacterial Competition in MilkFrontiers in Microbiology, 9(1148).
  • Plan Sangnier A., Preveral S., Curcio A., A K. A. S., Lefevre C. T., Pignol D., Lalatonne Y., Wilhelm C. (2018)
    Targeted thermal therapy with genetically engineered magnetite magnetosomes@RGD: Photothermia is far more efficient than magnetic hyperthermia, J Control Release, 279, 271-281.
  • Py B., Gerez C., Huguenot A., Vidaud C., Fontecave M., Ollagnier de Choudens S., Barras F. (2018)
    The ErpA/NfuA complex builds an oxidation-resistant Fe-S cluster delivery pathway, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 293(20), 7689-7702.
  • Saunier A., Ormeño E., Havaux M., Wortham H., Ksas B., Temime‐Roussel B., Blande J. D., Lecareux C., Mévy J. P., Bousquet‐Mélou A., Gauquelin T., Fernandez C. (2018)
    Resistance of native oak to recurrent drought conditions simulating predicted climatic changes in the Mediterranean region, Plant, Cell & Environment.
  • Wittkopp T. M., Saroussi S., Yang W., Johnson X., Kim R. G., Heinnickel M. L., Russell J. J., Phuthong W., Dent R. M., Broeckling C. D., Peers G., Lohr M., Wollman F. A., Niyogi K. K., Grossman A. R. (2018)
    GreenCut protein CPLD49 of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii associates with thylakoid membranes and is required for cytochrome b6 f complex accumulation, The Plant Journal, 94(6), 1023-1037.

Janvier-avril 2018

  • Abdelkefi H., Sugliani M., Ke H., Harchouni S., Soubigou-Taconnat L., Citerne S., Mouille G., Fakhfakh H., Robaglia C., Field B. (2018)
    Guanosine tetraphosphate modulates salicylic acid signalling and the resistance of Arabidopsis thaliana to Turnip mosaic virus, Molecular Plant Pathology, 19(3), 634-646.
  • Bastet A., Lederer B., Giovinazzo N., Arnoux X., German-Retana S., Reinbold C., Brault V., Garcia D., Djennane S., Gersch S., Lemaire O., Robaglia C., Gallois J. L. (2018)
    Trans-species synthetic gene design allows resistance pyramiding and broad-spectrum engineering of virus resistance in plants, Plant Biotechnol J., 1-13.
  • Bernardo P., Charles-Dominique T., Barakat M., Ortet P., Fernandez E., Filloux D., Hartnady P., Rebelo T. A., Cousins S. R., Mesleard F., Cohez D., Yavercovski N., Varsani A., Harkins G. W., Peterschmitt M., Malmstrom C. M., Martin D. P., Roumagnac P. (2018)
    Geometagenomics illuminates the impact of agriculture on the distribution and prevalence of plant viruses at the ecosystem scale, Isme J., 12(1), 173-184.
  • Chabert N., Bonnefoy V., Achouak W. (2018)
    Quorum sensing improves current output with Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidansMicrob. Biotechnol., 11(1), 136-140.
  • Crepin A., Caffarri S. (2018)
    Functions and evolution of Lhcb isoforms composing LHCII, the major light harvesting complex of Photosystem II of green eukaryotic organisms
    Curr. Protein Pept. Sci., 19(7), 699-713.
  • Gallois N., Alpha-Bazin B., Ortet P., Barakat M., Piette L., Long J., Berthomieu C., Armengaud J., Chapon V. (2018)
    Proteogenomic insights into uranium tolerance of a Chernobyl's Microbacterium bacterial isolate, J. Proteomics, 177, 148-157.
  • Gauquelin C., Baffert C., Richaud P., Kamionka E., Etienne E., Guieysse D., Girbal L., Fourmond V., Andre I., Guigliarelli B., Leger C., Soucaille P., Meynial-Salles I. (2018)
    Roles of the F-domain in [FeFe] hydrogenase, Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 1859(2), 69-77.
  • Gritsaenko T., Pierrefite-Carle V., Creff G., Vidaud C., Carle G., Santucci-Darmanin S. (2018)
    Methods for analyzing the impacts of natural uranium on in vitro osteoclastogenesis, Journal of Visualized Experiments, 131, e56499.
  • Hanchi M., Thibaud M.-C., Légeret B., Kuwata K., Pochon N., Beisson F., Cao A., Cuyas L., David P., Doerner P., Ferjani A., Lai F., Li-Beisson Y., Mutterer J., Philibert M., Raghothama K. G., Rivasseau C., Secco D., Whelan J., Nussaume L., Javot H. (2018)
    The phosphate fast-responsive genes PECP1 and PPsPase1 affect phosphocholine and phosphoethanolamine content,
     Plant Physiology, 176(4), 2943-2962.
  • Harchouni S., Field B., Menand B. (2018)
    AC-202, a highly effective fluorophore for the visualization of lipid droplets in green algae and diatoms, Biotechnology for Biofuels, 11(1), 120.
  • Malnoe A., Schultink A., Shahrasbi S., Rumeau D., Havaux M., Niyogi K. K. (2018)
    The Plastid Lipocalin LCNP Is Required for Sustained Photoprotective Energy Dissipation in Arabidopsis, Plant Cell, 30(1), 196-208.
  • Paredes E., Avazeri E., Malard V., Vidaud C., Ortega R., Nonell A., Isnard H., Chartier F., Bresson C. (2018)
    A new procedure for high precision isotope ratio determinations of U, Cu and Zn at nanogram levels in cultured human cells : What are the limiting factors?, Talanta, 178, 894-904.
  • Seddiki K., Godart F., Aiese Cigliano R., Sanseverino W., Barakat M., Ortet P., Rébeillé F., Maréchal E., Cagnac O., Amato A. (2018)
    Sequencing, De Novo Assembly, and Annotation of the Complete Genome of a New Thraustochytrid Species, Strain CCAP_4062/3, Genome Announcements, 6(11), e01335-01317.
  • Skouri-Panet F., Benzerara K., Cosmidis J., Ferard C., Caumes G., De Luca G., Heulin T., Duprat E. (2018)
    In Vitro and in Silico Evidence of Phosphatase Diversity in the Biomineralizing Bacterium Ramlibacter tataouinensis, Front Microbiol, 8, 2592.
  • Smit B. A., Van Zyl E., Joubert J. J., Meyer W., Preveral S., Lefevre C. T., Venter S. N. (2018)
    Magnetotactic bacteria used to generate electricity based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, Lett Appl Microbiol, 66(5), 362-367.
  • Tarrago L., Oheix E., Peterfi Z., Gladyshev V. N. (2018)
    Monitoring of Methionine Sulfoxide Content and Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase Activity, Methods Mol Biol, 1661, 285-299.
  • Trifi H., Ben Salem I., Kolsi Benzina N., Fourati A., Costa M. C., Achouak W., Sghaier H., Saidi M. (2017)
    Effectiveness of the Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacterium Pantoea sp. BRM17 in Enhancing Brassica napus Growth in Phosphogypsum-Amended Soil, Pedosphere, in press.
  • Vassaux G., Zwarthoed C., Signetti L., Guglielmi J., Compin C., Guigonis J. M., Juhel T., Humbert O., Benisvy D., Pourcher T., Cambien B. (2018)
    Iodinated Contrast Agents Perturb Iodide Uptake by the Thyroid Independently of Free Iodide, J. Nucl. Med., 59(1), 121-126.

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