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Transport and redox reactions from mitochondria to NADPH oxidase. A tribute to Pierre Vignais

Former Biochemistry and Biophysics of Integrated Systems laboratory has published a special issue of Biochemistry in tribute to the memory of Professor Vignais. "Transport and redox reactions from mitochondria NADPH oxidase - A tribute to Pierre Vignais" Edited by Gerard Klein. This issue brings together contributions of former students and colleagues of Professor Vignais.​

Published on 9 October 2007

Biochimie Volume 89, Issue 9, Pages 1039-1168 (September 2007)

Edited by Gérard Klein

Transport and redox reactions from mitochondria to NADPH oxidase. A tribute to Pierre Vignais.


Professor Pierre Vignais, biochemist (1926–2006)
Gérard Klein and Michel Satre
Pages 1039-1041

Mitochondrial bioenergetics.

Transport viewed as a catalytic process.
Martin Klingenberg
Pages 1042-1048

An open issue: The inner mitochondrial membrane (IMM) as a free boundary problem.
Jacques Demongeot, Nicolas Glade, Olivier Hansen and Andrés Moreira
Pages 1049-1057

Mitochondrial carrier family: Repertoire and peculiarities of the cellular slime mould Dictyostelium discoideum.
Michel Satre, Sara Mattei, Laurence Aubry, Pascale Gaudet, Ludovic Pelosi, Gérard Brandolin and Gérard Klein
Pages 1058-1069

The Saccharomyces cerevisiae ADP/ATP carrier-iso 1 cytochrome c fusion protein: One-step purification and functional analysis in vitro.
Martial Rey, Xavier Brazzolotto, Benjamin Clémençon, Agathe Afchain, Gérard Brandolin and Ludovic Pelosi
Pages 1070-1079

Mitochondria and reactive oxygen species in renal cancer.
Eric Hervouet, Hélène Simonnet and Catherine Godinot
Pages 1080-1088
NADPH oxidase.

The N-formyl peptide receptors and the anaphylatoxin C5a receptors: An overview
Marie-Josèphe Rabiet, Emilie Huet and François Boulay
Pages 1089-1106

NOX family NADPH oxidases: Not just in mammals.
Karen Bedard, Bernard Lardy and Karl-Heinz Krause
Pages 1107-1112

Innate host defense: Nox and Duox on phox's tail.
Nathalie Grandvaux, Anton Soucy-Faulkner and Karin Fink
Pages 1113-1122

Opening the black box: Lessons from cell-free systems on the phagocyte NADPH-oxidase.
Marie-Claire Dagher and Edgar Pick
Pages 1123-1132

Role of the small GTPase Rac in p22phox-dependent NADPH oxidases.
Kei Miyano and Hideki Sumimoto
Pages 1133-1144

New insights into the membrane topology of the phagocyte NADPH oxidase: Characterization of an anti-gp91-phox conformational monoclonal antibody.
Yannick Campion, Marie-Hélène Paclet, Algirdas J. Jesaitis, Bruno Marques, Alexei Grichine, Sylvie Berthier, Jean-Luc Lenormand, Bernard Lardy, Marie-José Stasia and Françoise Morel
Pages 1145-1158

NOX5 is expressed at the plasma membrane and generates superoxide in response to protein kinase C activation.
Lena Serrander, Vincent Jaquet, Karen Bedard, Olivier Plastre, Oliver Hartley, Serge Arnaudeau, Nicolas Demaurex, Werner Schlegel and Karl-Heinz Krause
Pages 1159-1167

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