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PepLine, from proteomics to genomes

As part of its work in the field of new proteomic analysis methods, EDyP Laboratory uses a new automatic analysis approach of mass spectrometry data. This method consists of​ generating "labels" through a partial reading of fragmentation spectra (MS/MS) of proteolytic fragments (tryptic peptides), and to position them on raw genomic sequences.

Published on 22 October 2008

In collaboration with the Helix group of Inria Rhône-Alpes and the Cogenics society, the Exploring the Dynamics of Proteomes​ laboratory has created the PepLine software that can transform the mass information contained in MS/MS spectra into a mixed sequence information of amino acids and mass. Then PepLine maps this information on the genomic DNA according to a vicinity method based on the distance. PepLine was designed to be able of detecting the exon-intron boundaries of a gene and is consequently suitable to syntactic annotation of eukaryotic genomes

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