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Plant Systems Biology

​​The complexity of biological systems and mass production of experimental data led to the development of new integrative and multidisciplinary approaches and the use of modeling to try to understand the functioning of living organisms placed in various environmental conditions. This way of approaching the study of biological issues is still in its infancy, especially in the vegetable field.​

Published on 6 March 2010
​In a special issue of Plant Physiology, "Focus Issue on Plant Systems Biology", edited by Jacques Joyard at the Cell & Plant Physiology laboratory and Sheila McCormick (UC Berkeley), a series of mini magazines (Updates) and original articles are dealing with these issues ranging from quantification and integration of complex molecular data (gene expression, proteomics, etc.) to the identification of regulatory networks (signaling, metabolism) and modeling.
This issue enriches the Focus series Collections available online. Thus, Plant Systems Biology 2010 will identify all published articles on this topic in Plant Physiology from February 2008 until February 2012.

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