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Published on 2 July 2018
Interaction between Rad52 and Rad51 is essential to protect Rad51 filaments from disruption by the anti-recombinase Srs2
Ma E, Dupaigne P, Maloisel L, Guerois R, Le Cam E, Coïc E
Distinct Molecular Signatures of Quiescent and Activated Adult Neural Stem Cells Reveal Specific Interactions with Their Microenvironment.
Morizur L, Chicheportiche A, Gauthier LR, Daynac M, Boussin FD, Mouthon MA
Longitudinal Study of Irradiation-Induced Brain Microstructural Alterations With S-Index, a Diffusion MRI Biomarker, and MR Spectroscopy.
Peres EA, Etienne O, Grigis A, Boumezbeur F, Boussin FD, Le Bihan D
Impact of a CD4 gene haplotype on the immune response in minipigs.
Blanc F, Crechet F, Bruneau N, Piton G, Leplat JJ, Andreoletti F, Egidy G, Vincent-Naulleau S, Bourneuf E.
New susceptibility loci for cutaneous melanoma risk and progression revealed using a porcine model.
Bourneuf E, Estelle J, Blin A, Crechet F, Schneider MDP, Gilbert H, Brossard M, Vaysse A, Lathrop M, Vincent-Naulleau S, Demenais F.
The transcription-coupled DNA repair-initiating protein CSB promotes XRCC1 recruitment to oxidative DNA damage.
Menoni H, Wienholz F, Theil AF, Janssens RC, Lans H, Campalans A, Radicella JP, Marteijn JA, Vermeulen W.
Mitochondrial maintenance under oxidative stress depends on mitochondrially localised ?-OGG1.
Lia D, Reyes A, de Melo Campos JTA, Piolot T, Baijer J, Radicella JP, Campalans A.
[In vitro oogenesis: How far have we come?]
Arkoun B, Livera G.
Effects of environmental Bisphenol A exposures on germ cell development and Leydig cell function in the human fetal testis.
Eladak S, Moison D, Guerquin MJ, Matilionyte G, Kilcoyne K, N'Tumba-Byn T, Messiaen S, Deceuninck Y, Pozzi-Gaudin S, Benachi A, Livera G, Antignac JP, Mitchell R, Rouiller-Fabre V, Habert R.
Advances in the Molecular Pathophysiology, Genetics, and Treatment of Primary Ovarian Insufficiency.
Huhtaniemi I, Hovatta 2, La Marca A, Livera G, Monniaux D, Persani L, Heddar A, Jarzabek K, Laisk-Podar T, Salumets A, Tapanainen JS, Veitia RA, Visser JA, Wieacker P, Wolczynski S, Misrahi M.
Delivery of DTPA through Liposomes as a Good Strategy for Enhancing Plutonium Decorporation Regardless of Treatment Regimen.
Gremy O, Miccoli L, Lelan F, Bohand S, Cherel M, Mougin-Degraef M.
Single-cell analysis reveals the continuum of human lympho-myeloid progenitor cells
Karamitros D, Stoilova B, Aboukhalil Z, Hamey F, Reinisch A, Samitsch M, Quek L, Otto G, Repapi E, Doondeea J, Usukhbayar B, Calvo J, Taylor S, Goardon N, Six E, Pflumio F, Porcher C, Majeti R, Gottgens B, Vyas P
RACK1 cooperates with NRASQ61K to promote melanoma in vivo.
Campagne C, Reyes-Gomez E, Picco ME, Loiodice S, Salaun P, Ezagal J, Bernex 2, Commere PH, Pons S, Esquerre D, Bourneuf E, Estelle J, Maskos U, Lopez-Bergami P, Aubin-Houzelstein G, Panthier JJ, Egidy G.
Transcriptome of melanoma cells from two mouse models, Tyr:NRasQ61K and Tyr:Rack1-HA, Tyr:NRasQ61K.
Campagne C, Pons S, Esquerre D, Estelle J, Bourneuf E, Maskos U, Egidy G.
Rapid Discovery of De Novo Deleterious Mutations in Cattle Enhances the Value of Livestock as Model Species.
Bourneuf E, Otz P, Pausch H, Jagannathan V, Michot P, Grohs C, Piton G, Ammermüller S, Deloche MC, Fritz S, Leclerc H, Pechoux C, Boukadiri A, Hoze C, Saintilan R, Crechet F, Mosca M, Segelke D, Guillaume F, Bouet S, Baur A, Vasilescu A, Genestout L, Thomas A, Allais-Bonnet A, Rocha D, Colle MA, Klopp C, Esquerre D, Wurmser C, Flisikowski K, Schwarzenbacher H, Burgstaller J, Brügmann M, Dietschi E, Rudolph N, Freick M, Barbey S2 Fayolle G, Danchin-Burge C, Schibler L, Bed'Hom B, Hayes BJ, Daetwyler HD, Fries R, Boichard D, Pin D, Drögemüller C, Capitan A.
The MeLiM Minipig: An Original Spontaneous Model to Explore Cutaneous Melanoma Genetic Basis.
Bourneuf E.
A homozygous FANCM mutation underlies a familial case of non-syndromic primary ovarian insufficiency.
Fouquet B, Pawlikowska P, Caburet S, Guigon C, Mäkinen M, Tanner L, Hietala M, Urbanska K, Bellutti L, Legois B, Bessieres B, Gougeon A, Benachi A, Livera G, Rosselli F, Veitia RA, Misrahi M.
Human foetal ovary shares meiotic preventing factors with the developing testis.
Frydman N, Poulain M, Arkoun B, Duquenne C, Tourpin S, Messiaen S, Habert R, Rouiller-Fabre V, Benachi A, Livera G.
Skin absorption of actinides: influence of solvents or chelates on skin penetration ex vivo.
Tazrart A., Bolzinger MA., Coudert S., Lamart S., Miller B.W., Angulo J.F., Briançon S., Griffiths N.M.
Analysis methodology and development of a statistical tool for biodistribution data from internal contamination with actinides.
Lamart S., Griffiths N.M., Tchitchek N., Angulo J.F, Van der Meeren A.
Actinide bioimaging in tissues: comparison of emulsion and solid track autoradiography techniques with the iQID camera.
Lamart S, Miller BW, Van der Meeren A, Tazrart A, Angulo J. F, and Griffiths N M.
Decorporation Approach after Rat Lung Contamination with Plutonium: Evaluation of the Key Parameters Influencing the Efficacy of a Protracted Chelation Treatment.
Gremy O., Coudert S., Renault D., Miccoli L.
Bone marrow sites differently imprint dormancy and chemoresistance to T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Cahu X, Calvo J, Poglio S, Prade N, Colsch B, Arcangeli ML, Leblanc T, Petit A, Baleydier F, Baruchel A, Landman-Parker J, Junot C, Larghero J, Ballerini P, Delabesse E, Uzan B, Pflumio F
The translesion DNA polymerases Pol Zeta and Rev1 are activated independently of PCNA ubiquitination upon UV radiation in mutants of DNA polymerase Delta
Tellier-Lebegue C, Dizet E, Ma E, Veaute X, Coïc E, Charbonnier JB, Maloisel L
Structural basis for the substrate selectivity of Helicobacter pylori NucT nuclease activity.
Celma L, Corbinais C, Vercruyssen J, Veaute X, de la Sierra-Gallay IL, Guerois R, Busso D, Mathieu A, Marsin S, Quevillon-Cheruel S, Radicella JP.
Cholinergic Signals from the CNS Regulate G-CSF-Mediated HSC Mobilization from Bone Marrow via a Glucocorticoid Signaling Relay.
Pierce H, Zhang D, Magnon C, Lucas D, Christin JR, Huggins M, Schwartz GJ, Frenette PS.
Intranasal Administration of Temozolomide Delayed the Development of Brain Tumors Initiated by Human Glioma Stem-Like Cell in Nude Mice
Pineda JR, Jeitany M, Andrieux A, Junier MP, Chneiweiss H and Boussin FD
PAXX and Xlf interplay revealed by impaired CNS development and immunodeficiency of double KO mice.
Abramowski V, Etienne O, Elsaid R, Yang J, Berland A, Kermasson L, Roch B, Musilli S, Moussu JP, Lipson-Ruffert K, Revy P, Cumano A, Boussin FD, de Villartay JP.
Isolation of Neural Stem and Progenitor Cells from the Adult Brain and Live Imaging of Their Cell Cycle with the FUCCI System.
Chicheportiche A, Ruat M, Boussin FD, Daynac M.
Association of a Platinum Complex to a G-Quadruplex Ligand Enhances Telomere Disruption.
Charif R, Granotier-Beckers C, Bertrand HC, Poupon J, Segal-Bendirdjian E, Teulade-Fichou MP, Boussin FD, Bombard S.
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