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Molecular Imaging Research Center


Published on 12 April 2017

mircen1-res_medium.jpgMIRCen -Molecular Imaging Research Center- is a preclinical research installation created by the CEA and INSERM.

This installation, based at the CEA center in Fontenay-aux-Roses, consists of a group of platforms dedicated to the development of animal models pertinent to human diseases. These animal models are used in the evaluation of innovative treatments, principally in the domain of neurodegenerative diseases, but also in the fields of infectious and cardiac diseases.

These platforms occupy 8500 m² and provide access to complementary expertise and methodologies for both academic and industrial research teams at the national and international levels (see "Service request").

About a hundred researchers, research officers, technicians, clinicians and students from the CEA, INSERM and CNRS, and from Henri Mondor Hospital, work at this center, on their own research programs (see the "Neurodegenerative Diseases Laboratory”)  or lend their focused expertise in neurosciences to the running of the platforms (see “MIRCen plateforms”).


MIRCen has GIS IBISA (Infrastructures in Biology, Health and Agronomy) accreditation.

​Director of MIRCen

Dr Philippe Hantraye

18 route du Panorama
92260 Fontenay-aux-roses





Marie-Laure Raverdy
01 46 54 84 11

Marie-Christine Courbeix
01 46 54 80 95



Research at MIRCen

Dr Emmanuel Brouillet
Director of Neurodegenerative Diseases Laboratory UMR9199



Dr Nathalie Cartier
Director of Inserm U996


Service / Partnership

Sylvie Guigon
Director of platforms/partnerships : Platformes/Partnership