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Published on 17 November 2018
The Tritium Labeling Laboratory focuses on two themes, nanosciences and Tritium-labeling, self-assembly.

Team Leader
Eric Doris
01 69 08 80 71

Nanosciences (Eric DORIS)         

Eric Doris, Researcher
Edmond Gravel, Researcher
Sophie Feuillastre,
Grégory Pieters, Researcher
Bernard Rousseau, Scientific Advisor CEA

Sébastien Garcia-Argote, Senior technician
Florence Pillon, Senior technician

Gopi Elumalai, Postdoctoral Fellow
Arun Kumar Ramar, Postdoctoral Fellow
Timothée Naret, Postdoctoral Fellow
Mickaël Payet, Postdoctoral Fellow
Laurélie Poulard, Postdoctoral Fellow

Lucas Frédéric, PhD
Minh-Duc Hoang, PhD
Lucie Jamgotchian, PhD
Alberto Palazzolo, PhD
Victor Pfeifer, PhD
Jérémy Schild, PhD

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The Tritium Labeling Laboratory consists of two complementary teams involved in :

  • The use of tritium in organic chemistry (isotopic labeling for in vitro monitoring and in vivo imaging of molecules and nano-objects) and nanotechnologies (study of new nano-objects).
  • The design of new nano-objects usable for drug transport and vectorization (vesicles, nanodiamonds and carbon nanotubes) and imaging agents (quantum-dots, molecular probes  for hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI).
  • The development of novel catalysts for organic chemistry (metal nanoparticles, engineered carbon nanotubes).



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