Doctorates and post-doctorates

Every year, young scientists come to a CEA laboratory either to prepare a doctoral thesis in liaison with a school of doctoral studies or to carry out post-doctoral research.

August 2012


The young scientists who come to CEA to prepare a thesis in close liaison with the university receive different types of funding, which determines the nature of the contract or scholarship and the conditions to be met. Most contracts are for three years.

To facilitate the future employment of those completing a doctorate at a CEA laboratory, training courses are offered by CEA during the three years of the thesis.


Post-doctoral students from research organizations other than CEA play a cross-fertilization role, broadening their own experience as scientists and bringing the host laboratory their expertise in one of CEA's priority research areas. The post-doctorate also provides an opportunity to forge scientific and cultural links. Post-doctoral posts last for a year, renewable once. Like doctoral students, post-doctoral students can also take courses specially laid on for them.

Who to contact

Are you interested in doing a doctorate or post-doctorate at CEA? Check the website of the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN), which is responsible for coordinating all training through research initiatives at CEA.

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