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Career Development

​​​​Enhanced Eurotalents fellows can benefit from the professional trainings intended for CEA researchers and organised by CEA. In addition, they are offered to attend a specific training session called “Post-Doc: How to manage your career, evaluation, project, action?” covered by the programme.

Published on 28 April 2017

The professional training session entitled "Post-Doc: How to manage your career, evaluation, project, action?" is organised by the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN) at CEA-Saclay and covered by the programme. This four-day training session aims at helping fellows stand out when looking for a job notably by improving their communication skills.​

​Here are the main objectives of this training:

  • Identify the skills needed for a professional project
  • Implement methods to find a job efficiently
  • Prepare a job interview and experiment recruiting methods
  • Be aware of the problems specific to the creation of high-technology start-ups​

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This training usually takes place three times a year at INSTN, at CEA-Saclay.​​​

"Nowadays, it is hard to find a permanent position as a researcher so I found this training session very useful to further​​ develop my communication skills when looking for a job. It also gave me the ​opportunity to meet other fellows. We all have very similar professional goals, ambitions and worries so it was very pleasant to share our tips and experiences." - Dr. Hernán Garate​ (Enhanced Eurotalents fellow at CEA/IRAMIS)

​"This training session far exceeded my expectations, it was really enlightening. The trainer really opened our eyes on the job market, teaching us that an application process is a two-sided thing. Rather than plainly applying, you need to be aware of your own potential so as to better market yourself.” - Dr. Dominic Bresser (Enhanced Eurotalents fellow at CEA/INAC)​​​

"It was an amazing opportunity to get training on how to manage career. We (our group) really enjoyed the real time simulations on interviews. So far I have never come across such a training even during my PhD. Moreover I got few nice friends during the course. Thanks to Enhanced Eurotalents for conducting and inviting for this training." - An Enhanced Eurotalents fellow at CEA​

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