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Frama-C, for secure object-to-object communications

The Internet of Things raises new data security issues. Researchers recently turned to Frama-C to analyze source-code quality and reliability, essential for secure IoT data transfer.

Published on 2 July 2015

With the impending explosion in the number of connected objects worldwide—set to rise from 15 billion today to 80 billion by 2020—data security on the Internet of Things (IoT) is a top-of-mind issue for developers. At stake? The security of users’ personal information.

Startup TrustInSoft recently used tools based on Frama-C—software developed originally by List, a CEA Tech institute, to check critical embedded code reliability in the avionics and nuclear industries—to analyze the DPDK software running on the machines at the heart of IoT networks to manage data traffic. At the other end, Frama-C checked the software controlling update distribution in sensor network nodes. No vulnerability was too small to go unnoticed by Frama-C.

The research demonstrated Frama-C’s full potential for IoT security, earning the software worldwide recognition for its capacity to make sure data transmission between connected objects and systems remains secure.

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