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Model-based engineering for better complex systems

​List, a CEA Tech institute, has earned an international reputation for its know-how in model-based engineering. List partners can put model-based engineering to work for their systems and software engineering projects.

Published on 8 March 2016

List has set up a model-based engineering environment, Papyrus, for complex-systems design. Model-based engineering leverages the power of computing to create and exploit models, conceptual representations, and languages to describe both a problem and its solution. Papyrus is based on the commonly-used shared languages UML for software and SysML for systems. It can also be modified to take into account the issues specific to different industries like transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy, or targeted concerns like safety, security, and upgradeability.

Researchers at List recently worked with Auto Inergy, a division of Plastic Omnium, the world’s leading fuel systems producer, to introduce a tool-based software and systems engineering method to replace the company’s document-based approach. The purpose of the project was to improve product quality and speed time to market.

And Sherpa Engineering, a SME specializing in systems design in a number of industries, turned to List to boost its systems engineering know-how and access IT tools that will enable the company to provide its customers with high-added-value services.

List researchers are also working to deliver the same benefits to partners in the automotive, rail, telecommunications, and advanced manufacturing industries.

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