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CEA Tech Technology Platforms: a unique resource to drive innovation for business

Published on 17 November 2015

​CEA Tech leverages state-of-the-art industrial equipment, large-scale infrastructure, and advanced knowledge in multiple fields to bring you powerful technology platforms designed to boost innovation.

Advanced KET research and development requires a “critical mass” of world-class experts and equipment. CEA Tech’s technology platforms are unique in Europe, bringing together at a single location all of the resources and technologies today’s businesses need to drive innovation.

CEA Tech’s Grenoble and Saclay technology platforms: a strong record of success

CEA Tech’s technology platforms meet today’s highest industrial standards, offering the knowledge and methods—like reports and certifications—businesses of all sizes require. Our technology platforms are currently playing a major role in France’s strategy to leverage innovation to boost the country’s competitiveness on global markets by transferring KETs to businesses.

Today, CEA Tech’s Grenoble (Rhône-Alpes) and Saclay (Ile-de-France) technology platforms are spurring innovation and driving economic development across their respective regions. The platforms are a source of innovation and growth for businesses.

A closer look at some of the CEA Tech technology platforms

CEA Tech has invested heavily—both financially and in terms of technology—to develop multidisciplinary platforms with the necessary equipment and expertise to successfully transfer new technologies from lab to industry.

Key figures

120 million per year invested in CEA Tech technology platforms

More than 25 technology platforms

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