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Quantum Leti: secured communications

Published on 13 November 2018


Quantum Leti: secured communications

Leti is a key player in the field of silicon photonics components and transmitter/recevier circuits for fiber-based optical communications, such as in metropolitan/access networks, datacenters and for future optical networks on chip connecting several microelectronic processor cores.

When a quantum computer will be available, the security of classical communications based on conventional cryptography protocols will be compromised. In contrast, quantum cryptogrphy offers absolute security thanks to the laws of quantum physics.

Leti aims at developping the next generation of quantum photonics devices for quantum key distribution (QKD) by leveraging its silicon photonics technology. These devices include a source of entangled photons based on spontaneous four-wave mixing in silicon, a low-loss passive and high-speed reconfigurable circuit to manipulate the single photons and efficient single photon detectors.

Leti has built several partnerships to integrate quantum photonics technology into fiber-based quantum subsystems and demonstrate QKD performances in terms of reach, key rate and power consumption:

  • Leti has a joint collaboration with french CNRS Lab Femto-st in Besançon to assess the performances of silicon quantum photonics sources and transmitters.

  • Leti is part of the Quantera project SQUARE (2018-2021) to integrate quantum photonics technologies into quantum subsystems to demonstrate performances in terms of reach, speed and power consumption, paving the way for perfectly secure intercity fiber connections over the world



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