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Published on 22 August 2019

Monitoring nitrates to protect health and the environment

   What is Monitrator?

MONITRATOR is a connected device for measuring inreal time the chemical compounds in water. It integrates the following components:

  • A multi-parameter cartridge containing up to 8 electrochemical sensors that can be adapted to your need
  • An autonomous and connected mini-laboratory, able to take samples and transfer the measurement data  to a cloud server by Bluetooth® or LoRa™
  • A mobile application, an effective decision-support aid for configuring tests, analyzing the results and triggering automatic alerts.


Control your production processes or your quality inspections

  • Environment: Surface or ground water, on-site sanitation
  • Agriculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, fertigation: dosing fertilizers, nitrogenous residues (soils, aquaculture), drinks: wine, milk, fruit juice
  • Animal health: drinking water, body fluids.

   What's new?

  • Simplified measurements accessible to non-specialists (self-calibration, no maintenance)
  • Real-time, connected, on-site measurements (traceability, decision-making aids, data sharing with other connected sensors)
  • Standard, interchangeable cartridges containing a combination of sensors suited to each application
  • Reusable cartridges (up to 6 months service life), self-calibration, end-of-life detection

  What's next?

  • First water analysis demonstrator (mini-lab + cartridge containing pH, NO3, NH4, K)

Leti sensor development offer

  • On-demand development of  more sensors targeting agricultural nutrients or environmental pollutants 
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