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Published on 26 August 2019

Compact, low-cost & long-lifespan, distributed-switch LEDs 

   What is NeoLED?

NeoLED is CEA-Leti's world-first solution that powers LEDs directly from a domestic outlet, without any adaptor.

NeoLED offers a real-time update of serial/parallel configuration of LEDs. LEDs in series are continuously adjusted to make sure their supply voltage matches the outlet voltage. This technology eliminates the need for bulky AC/DC power supply adaptors.

Moreover, this technology leverages only low-voltage and low-cost transistors distributed along the light fixture, on the same PCB that supports the LEDs.


NeoLED technology can be used for both high- and low-power applications. 

It improves several lighting applications, including:

  • Industrial lighting, public lighting, shop lighting, agriculture, UV treatment

Main Features:

  • Highly compact & low-cost
  • No chemical capacity, which increases lifespan
  • Integration in one single PCB, eliminating connections to external power supply units
  • Continuity of service if an LED fails.

   What's new?

LEDs are continuously powered—low-voltage parallel configuration—which translates into a significant reduction of the filtering capacity, and results in more chemical capacities. High-voltage transistors are no longer required, because of NeoLED's distributed and low-voltage switching modules. NeoLED helps reduce energy losses and costs.

  What's next?

In 2019, CEA-Leti researchers will work on a LED image projector based on power LEDs, with low-resolution images combined with a powerful luminous intensity and a direct 110 or 230 VAC voltage supply. This system will both light efficiently and project images without the need for a low voltage power supply unit having a very strong current, nor a driving matrix.


 Invited presentation at "Forum LED Europe 2015" intitled "AC LED driver based on distributed LED switching" in Lyon, France

 Invited presentation at "LED Forum 2017" intitled "AC LED driver based on distributed LED switching" in Lausanne, Suisse

 1 patent

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