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Nos innovations au cœur de vos produits

​Innovation where you need it—in your products!

Published on 16 October 2019

Innovation where you need it—in your products!

Discover successful commercial products, developed by our partners, that leverage Leti's groundbreaking technological innovations.

Leti's main mission is to pioneer and develop new technologies that enable smart, energy-efficient and secure solutions. Leti’s team work hand-in-hand with industrial partners – global companies, SMEs and startups – providing tailor-made cost-effective solutions to help them gain a competitive edge. Come and discover Leti's inside success stories!

Don't hesitate to contact Leti's teams, if you wish to learn more about how electronics innovation can help you develop tomorrow’s most wanted products and applications. They will provide you with expert advice and recommendations on which technologies are best suited to your products, applications and markets. 

Leti Innovation Stories