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Published on 5 August 2020

​Photovoltaics Everywhere
The diversification of solar photovoltaic energy into high-added-value applications represents a major opportunity to address new markets. 

Liten has developed deep knowledge of new high-yield PV architectures suitable for existing surfaces like warehouse and farm building rooftops and linear constructions. These applications will require new lightweight, flexible, and bifacial designs that will bring new opportunities to the solar photovoltaic energy market.

Energy-producing buildings must be energy-efficient, and get maximum yields out of their systems. They must also be designed to allow renewable energy to be integrated gradually over time. And they must do all of these things without impacting occupant comfort. Liten is innovating holistic responses to these challenges, with research addressing solar buildings, vehicle-to-home (V2H) convergence, and, finally, the building as an energy node that will gradually achieve a high degree of self-consumption while seamlessly integrating into tomorrow's neighborhoods and cities.

Land, air, water, and space transportation and mobility solutions will gradually integrate the innovations driving the energy transition and responding to emerging use cases. Solar photovoltaics is one of the key technologies for extending vehicle range.

To meet the needs of these markets, Liten has set the following R&D priorities:

  • Integration of PV technologies: Si, III-V, thin-layer

  • Specialized physical and electrical architectures

  • Lightweight solutions

  • Aesthetics

  • Reliability in different environments