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Three experts at the PNS

​The Nanosafety platform relies on the expertise and networking of three experts to achieve its goals and increase its notoriety.

Published on 8 September 2017

​These three experts each have a specific field of competence:

Dr. Jean-Yves BOTTERO

Dr Jean-Yves Bottero is CNRS Research Director Emeritus at CEREGE (CNRS, AMU, IRD, INRA) and former director of Labex SERENADE (Safer Ecodesign Research and Education Applied to Nanomaterial Development). He is also leader of the GDRI I-CEINT (CNRS/DUKE Univ) which concerns the environmental impacts of nanotechnology. He has an appointment as adjunct Professor at DUKE Univ. in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is also an OECD expert regarding the end of life of nano-by-products particularly considering the effects on the effluent treatment in the WWTP and agriculture applications.


Dr. Michel Pourprix has a broad range of research experience in aerosol, particle science and filtration technologies. Author of 16 patents, he has developed several widely used commercial nanoparticle measurement instruments. In support to the PNS researchers, he gives an expertise on all the PNS projects in connection with this field, including innovative concepts on NP detection and characterization.

Dr. Daniel BERNARD

Dr. Daniel Bernard is graduated from the ENSCP-Chimie Paris-Tech. He is heavily involved in the Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials standardization, as chairman of the AFNOR CN X457, convenor of the CEN TC 352/ HSE Working Group, and head of the French delegation at the ISO TC 229. He brings to PNS its expertise in European commission relationship, industrial safety, responsible development of nanomaterials, including regulation, ethical and societal dialog.