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Collaborations, contracts and publications


Team publications in international scientific journals and scientific popularization reviews
Published on 15 April 2015
  • ​CUN P, SARROBERT C, RICHAUD P, CHEVALIER A, SOREAU P, AUROY P, GRAVOT A, BALTZ A, LEONHARDT N, VAVASSEUR A (2014) Modulation of Zn/Cd P1B-ATPase activities in Arabidopsis impacts differently on shoot and seeds Zn concentrations Metallomics 6(11) :2109-2116
  • MONDY S, LENGLET A, COSSON V, PELLETIER S, PaATEYRON S, GILARD F, SCHOLTE M, BROCARD L, COUZIGOU JM, TCHERKEZ G, PEAN M, RATET P (2014) GOLLUM [FeFe]-hydrogenase-like proteins are essential for plant development in normoxic conditions and modulate energy metabolism Plant Cell Environ. 37: 54-69
  • CANO P., JAMIN E., TaADRIST S., BOURDAUD'HUI P., PEAN M., DEBRAUWER L., OSWALD I. DELAFORGE M. PUEL O. (2013) « New untargeted metabolic profiling combining mass spectrometry and isotopic labeling: application on A. fumigatus grown on wheat.   Analytical Chemistry 85 (17): 8412-8420
  • PASCAULT N, RANJARD L, KAISERMANN A, BACHAR D, CHRISTEN R, TERRAT S, MATHIEU O, LEVEQUE J, MOUGEL C, HENAULT C, LEMANCEAU P, PEAN M, BOIRY S, FONTAINE S, MARON PA (2013) Stimulation of different functional groups of bacteria by various plant residues as a driver of soil priming effect Ecosystems 16:810-822
  • FRANCOIS F, LOMBARD C, GUIGNER JM, SOREAU P, BRIAN-JAISSON F, MARTINO G, VANDERVENNET M, GARCIA D, MOLINIER AL, PIGNOL D, PEDUZZIi J, ZIRAH S, REBUFFAT S (2012) Isolation and characterization of environmental bacteria with mercury extracellular biosorption capacities. Appl Environ Microbiol 78:1097-106.
  • CABARET O, PUEL O, BOTTEREL F, PEAN M, BRETAGNE S, DELAFORGE M (2011) Contribution of uniformly (13)C-enriched sterigmatocystin in the study of its pulmonary metabolism. Rapid Comm Mass Spect 25(19): 2704-10
  • MIEULET D, MEYER C, RATET P, PEAN M, SORMANI R, COUZIGOU JM, PHILIBERT M, GUIDERDONI E (2010) Models for vegetal sciences and agronomic vocation Biofutur 314: 41-44
  • CABARET O, PUEL O, BOTTEREL F, PÉAN M, KHOUFACHE K, COSTA JM, DELAFORGE M, BRETAGNE S (2010) Detoxification metabolic pathways for sterigmatocystin in primary tracheal epithelial cells, Chem. Res. Toxicol.23(11): 1673-1681