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Customized Services

Published on 17 February 2020
  We make our expertise and facilities available to you
  • Thanks to a 30 years experience, the PhytoTec members provide the facility as a result of collaborations or private contracts by preserving the confidentiality.  
  • We are open to every type of plant culture and our expertise extends from Arabidopsis thaliana to trees.
  • Experimental conditions can change precisely in a wide range (Cf « iBISA Certifed Platform ») and the high airtightness of our chambers ensures you the best conditions for  13CO2 enrichment.
  • Your needs (experimental conditions, reports… ) are progressively defined with us. They generate technical requirements for our team.  These are formalised on ad hoc forms for each experiment and then archived for 10 years. These can be then completed by drafting the specifications and signing a contract of service... 



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