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Published on 4 May 2017


 Biotechnological research on microalgae – Production of energy and biosourced molecules

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The HélioBiotec research partnership facility was created between 2009 ​​and 2011 at the CEA Cadarache, within the laboratory of Bioenergetics and Biotechnology of Bacteria and Microalgae (LB3M). This was in the framework of a ‘Contrat de Projets Etat Région’, involving the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the ‘Délégation Régionale à la Recherche et à la Technologie’ (DRRT) of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, and the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA).

HélioBiotec aims to serve as an anchor for the establishment in the PACA region of a scientific and technological center of excellence in bioenergies​. More than thirty scientists in the biotechnologies field work together for the sustainable production of energy.

Located close to ITER, HélioBiotec benefits from the research skills of the CEA Fundamental Research Division, the CNRS, and Aix-Marseille University, as well as the technological development skills of the CEA’s Technological Research Division.

VideoHeliobiotec : une plateforme pour l'étude des microalgues


HélioBiotec is involved in several academic or industrial research partnership projects supported by the European Union, the ANR, ...

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