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​​Welcome to the SeedUSoon software website !

Current software version: SeedUSoon 1.3.0
(release date: June 2nd 2019)​

Published on 24 May 2020
​​​​​SeedUSoon: A new software program to improve seed stock management and plant line exchanges between research laboratories 2017 Front. Plant Sci. Céline Charavay, Stéphane Segard,  Nathalie Pochon, Laurent Nussaume​ and Hélène JAVOT​. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.00013 

To download the SeedUSoon software
(version 1.3.0 or earlier versions), please click here:


​Download the SeedUSoon article here:

Interested in learning which fields are mandatory? Which can be accompanied by attached files? Or what type of info is exported in SeedUSoon format (.json) or in the spreadsheet format (.csv)? More info in this document: 
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A template to help you prepare your “Laboratory guidelines” 
can be found here: 
​Need help to connect to your database? More info in this file:
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Release notes are available here

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