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Scientific publications

Scientific publications

List of publications IPM Team


Published on 20 June 2019


  • Dalla Bernardina S, Alabarse F,  Kalinko  A, Roy P, Vita N,  Hienerwadel  R, Berthomieu  C,  Judeinstein P,  Zanotti J-M, Bantignies JL,  Haines J,  Catafesta J, Creff G, Manceron L,  Brubach JB (2014) " New experimental set-ups for studying nanoconfined water on the AILES beamline at SOLEIL. " Vibrational Spectroscopy 75 : 154–161.

Popularization​ ​:

  • Delangle P, Berthomieu C AVRIL 2014 • BIOFUTUR 353, 39-42. Mimer le vivant pour piéger les radionucléides



  • Mondani L, Piette L, Christen R, Bachar D, Berthomieu C, Chapon V. (2013) Microbacterium lemovicicum sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from natural uranium-rich soil. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 63, 2600-6.
  • Vita N, Brubach J-B, Hienerwadel R, Bremond N, Berthomieu D, Roy P, Berthomieu C (2013) Electrochemically-induced Far-InfraRed difference spectroscopy on metalloproteins using advanced synchrotron technology. Anal. Chem. 85(5):2891-2898.
  • Theodorakopoulos N, Bachar D, Christen R, Alain K, Chapon V (2013) Exploration of Deinococcus-Thermus molecular diversity by novel group-specific nested-PCR primers. MicrobiologyOpen, 2013 Oct; 2(5) : 862-872
  • Tremey E, Bonnot F, Moreau Y, Berthomieu C, Desbois A, Favaudon V, Blondin G, Houée-Levin C, Nivière V (2013) Hydrogen bonding to the cysteine ligand of superoxide reductase. Acid-base control of the reaction intermediates. J Biol Inorg Chem. 2013 Aug 6. 18(7):815-30 


  • Llorens I, Untereiner G, Jaillard D, Gouget B, Chapon V, Carriere M (2012) Uranium Interaction with Two Multi-Resistant Environmental Bacteria: Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34 and Rhodopseudomonas palustris. PLoS One. 7(12):e51783.
  • Chapon V, Piette L, Vesvres MH, Coppin F, Le Marrec C, Christen R, Theodorakopoulos N, Février L, Levchuk S, Martin-Garin A, Berthomieu C, Sergeant C (2012) Microbial diversity in contaminated soils along the T22 trench of the Chernobyl experimental platform. Appl Geochem 27, 1375-1383
  • Eswaramoorthy S, Poulain S, Hienerwadel R, Bremond N, Sylvester MD, Zhang YB, Berthomieu C, Van Der Lelie D, Matin A (2012) Crystal structure of ChrR-A quinone reductase with the capacity to reduce chromate. PLoS ONE 7(4):e36017
  • Gendrin C, Contreras-Martel C, Bouillot S, Elsen S, Lemaire D, Skoufias DA, Huber P, Attree I, Dessen A (2012) Structural basis of cytotoxicity mediated by the Type III secretion toxin ExoU from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. PLoS Pathog 8(4):e1002637
  • Sauge-Merle S, Lecomte-Pradines C, Carrier P, Cuine S, Dubow M (2012) Heavy metal accumulation by recombinant mammalian metallothionein within Escherichia coli protects against elevated metal exposure. Chemosphere 88, 918-924
  • Pardoux R, Sauge-Merle S, Lemaire D, Delangle P, Guilloreau L, Adriano JM, Berthomieu C (2012) Modulating uranium binding affinity in engineered calmodulin EF-hand peptides : effect of phosphorylation. PLoS ONE 7(8) e41922. 


  • Marboutin L, Petitjean H, Xerri B, Vita N, Dupeyrat F, Flament JP, Berthomieu D, Berthomieu C (2011) Profiling the active site of a cuproenzyme through its far-infrared fingerprint (680-50 cm-1) Angew. Chem.Int. Ed. 50, 8062-8066.
  • Mondani L, Benzerara K, Carrière M, Mamindy-Pajany Y, FEVRIER L, Marmier N, Achouak W, Nardoux P, Berthomieu C, Chapon V (2011) Influence of uranium on bacterial communities: a comparison of natural uranium-rich soils with controls,PLoS One 6(10) e25771