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Team Overview

DossierPhotosynthesis and Environment (P&E)

​Photosynthesis drives energy and mass fluxes that contribute to plant growth and ultimately to fitness. In a natural environment, photosynthetic efficiency is continuously regulated by the trade-off between light energy, inorganic carbon supply and metabolic and developmental capacity. Maximizing incident light conversion and carbon gain by photosynthesis therefore relies on short-term responses to deal with fluctuations and long-term investments to dimension the photosynthetic machinery according to the organism's constraints. In this context, the regulation of CO2 supply and light use and their interaction with metabolism are key determinants of photosynthetic efficiency.

Our research is focused on identifying these processes and their physiological relevance using model photosynthetic organisms. For this purpose, we develop original methods using experimental and modeling approaches. We investigate the spatiotemporal mechanisms controlling photosynthetic efficiency and their response to environmental constraints.

Principal Investigators : Jean ALRIC (CNRS Researcher), Bernard GENTY (CNRS Researcher), Xenie JOHNSON (CEA Researcher).

Post-doctoral researcher : Yusuke MIZOKAMI (CNRS), Alexis RICHÉ (CNRS ANR)

PhD students : Charlie MATHIOT (CEA)

Head of team : Jean ALRIC  +33 4 42 25 78 63

Main interests and on-going projects are : 

Published on 30 April 2019