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Recording and storage

Activités du Laboratoire Banque
Published on 16 December 2021
Enregistrement et stockage

All the specimens reaching the CNRGH are recorded in the Bank Laboratory LIMS. The traceability of the specimens is ensured by a bar code system.

All the specimens received are completely anonymous and stored in standard tubes. They are identified by a unique bar-code ensuring sample follow-up throughout its processing at the CNRGH, at the Bank Laboratory during the production stages and lastly during the quality control and analysis stages.

Lab Biological Resources - Recording and storage

Frozen cell ampoules 


Lab Biological Resources - Recording and storage

Storage of blood samples
​at -80°C

The Bank Laboratory is endowed with a very high storage capacity appropriate to the volume and variety of the specimens processed (2 cold stores at -20°C, numerous freezers at -80°C, liquid nitrogen tanks). Once the samples have been recorded, they are stored under optimum conditions in order to ensure their integrity and security:  temperatures appropriate to the specimen types, storage system with an alarm system and alarm relaying to security during non-working hours, 24/7 duty system ensuring rapid intervention and placement of sensitive samples in a secure facility in the event of a freezer failure.​​