14th French 3R Meeting

Replication - Recombination - Repair: From molecular mechanisms to clinical applications

May 10-13, 2022, Presqu’île de Giens, France

Mechanisms of genome surveillance monitor and  guarantee the integrity of genomic material and the accurate duplication of DNA before cell division. Any failure or misregulation of these mechanisms often leads to deleterious genetic disorders. Activation of these mechanisms is detected in early steps of tumorigenesis.
The 3R (Replication, Recombination and Repair) meeting has been for 26 years a unique opportunity for the French community and international colleagues interested in that topic to meet and interact.
The success of the 13 first editions has revealed the great interest of the scientific community for this event. Almost 220 people have participated to the last edition in 2019. The 3R meeting aims at catalyzing collaborations between teams working in the 3R field but is also a fantastic opportunity for young researchers and PhD students to meet and network early in their career. The organizing committee is particularly keen to preserve this convivial spirit, so after a one-year delay, we are pleased to announce that the 14th edition will be held in person.

The conference will be conducted in accordance with the health regulations in force at the time of the meeting, which may require a health pass, especially for people sharing accommodation.

Deadlines for registration (with abstract submission) 
Early bird registration: January 10 to February 10, 2022
Normal registration: February 11 to March 31, 2022

Registration and abstract submission

To participate in the meeting, you must make 2 registrations

Please go to the "Abstract" section to enter your abstract for a short-talk (15 min) or for a poster and to fulfill details for accomodation.

Contact: organisation.3r@cea.fr

 Organizing committee:

Josée Guirouilh-Barbat - Valérie Borde - Anna Campalans - Françoise Dantzer - Olivier Espeli - Sarah Lambert - Gaëlle Legube - Bertrand Llorente - Françoise Ochsenbein - Benoit Palancade


Club Belambra "Les Criques"
Presqu'Ile de Giens
406 avenue de l'Esterel
83400 Hyères-les-Palmiers

Hotel reception: +33(0)4 94 58 21 51


The registration fees cover the access to the conferences, apartments as specified, coffee breaks and meals.

Early bird registration (January 10 to February 10)

  • PhD students and post-docs sharing an apartment for three persons (30 apartments available):  490.00€ incl.taxes (408.33€ excl. taxes)
  • PhD students and post-docs (apartment for two persons): 570.00€ incl.taxes (475.00€ excl. taxes)
  • Other participants (apartment for two persons): 690.00€ incl. taxes (575.00€ excl. taxes)

Normal registration
(February 10 to March 31)

  • PhD students and post-docs sharing an apartment for three persons (30 apartments available):  540.00€ incl.taxes (450.00€ excl. taxes)
  • PhD students and post-docs (apartment for two persons): 620.00€ incl.taxes (516.66€ excl. taxes)
  • Other participants (apartment for two persons): 750.00€ incl. taxes (625.00€ excl. taxes)



Andreas Aguilera
Michelle Debatisse
Susan Gasser

Invited Speakers:

François-Xavier Barre
Doug Bishop
Jean-Baptiste Charbonnier
Chunlong Chen
Ludovic Deriano
Emmanuelle Fabre
Corine Grey
Romain Koszul
Philippe Pasero
Sophie Polo
Olivier Sordet
Terence Strick