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MRI and Spectroscopy Unit


Published on 12 April 2017

The aim of MRI and Spectroscopy Unit, managed by Cyril Poupon, is to push​ the limits of resolution using ultra-high field MRI​​​.​​

     ​ ​ ​

  • METRIC team: Developing clinical ultra-high field MRI​
  • MIDAS teamDeveloping molecular imaging and contrast agent/drug delivery using UHF MRI/US to propose novel diagnostic/theranostic approaches​​
  • NeuroPhysics teamUnderstanding the biophysics of neural networks at microscopic scales using UHF MRI
  • CICLOPS team: Studying the brain metabolism ​using NMR spectroscopy and heteronuclear UHF MRI
  • EQUADIM teamInnovating in the field of antenna design dedicated to UHF MRI

Missons assigned to the f​acility

  • Technical management of the MRI platfor​ (​3 clinical MRI (3T, 7T, 11.7T)​, 3 preclinical MRI (7T, 11.7T, 17.2T))
  • ​​​Management of the electronics platform
  • Management of the mechanics platform
  • Management of the histology / chemistry / microscopy platforms
  • Management of the animal facility and welfare