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A culture of industrial cooperation

Published on 12 April 2017
Generally in CEA, but even more the Saclay Institute of Biology and Technology, researchers have a true culture of valuing their research project. This is manifested by filing patents on original targets, new molecules or pharmacological action on copyrightable skills. It is also reflected in the ongoing search for industrial partnerships and, for some researchers, it is moving towards the creation of start-ups.

The "Funds Research and Technology Transfer" team is present to help researchers achieve these goals. On specifically patents, our institute has a portfolio of 48 patent families for which the "Funds Research and Technology Transfer" team is at the disposal of companies interested in an operating commercial license.

Licensing of our patents and know-how

We are looking for manufacturers to whom we can entrust our patents and know-how.
Prospecting actions are regularly carried out by our team in exhibitions, convention or internal and external seminars.
If you are a manufacturer seeking a license from one of the laboratories of our institute, please contact us.

Collaborations and provision of research with industry

Many researchers, engineers and technicians of the Institute, have a long experience of collaborations with leading pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and diagnostics industrials. This experience is reflected in the number of industrial laboratories working with our teams and also by the desire to offer a recognized unit. In this regard, the Pharmacology and Immuno Analysis unit is ISO9001certified since December 2014.

These industrial collaborations undertaken by the Institute teams, allow us to work on common subjects, after having defined the objectives and contracted collaborations. Thus, these collaborations allow reaching faster R&D projects, co-publishing results to file patents and to consider future developments, some towards promising diagnostic tests or future drugs.

The IBITECS teams with expertise and/or labeled platform are open to studies, in the form of research benefits. We have already a strong and significant experience in the following areas:

  • Bioanalysis by mass spectrometry or by small molecules immunoassay (such as antiretroviral intracellular active metabolites) or therapeutic proteins,
  • in vitro Pharmacology (blood-brain barrier or drug metabolism) or rodents (pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism)
  • Synthesis and purification of radiolabeled molecules, including proteins,
  • Synthesis and control of radiolabeled components
  • Screening of biological activity of chemical molecules
  • Optical and electronic imaging
  • Structural Biology
  • Genome stability and stress responses
    More than 200 companies have already worked with our institute teams.

Hosting partnerships or joint laboratory

Some collaborations are realized through hosting in our institute premises, in companies or academic research units :

  • A team of the Bertin Pharma pharmaceutical company (eg start-up from the Institute) conducts studies commissioned by industrial customers in the bioanalysis and pharmacology fields, with the support and in the offices of the Pharmacology and Immuno Analysis unit. Thanks to the joint contribution of the Bertin Pharma and CEA teams, the entity is recognized Good Laboratory Practices by MSNA.
  • Profilomic, in the Pharmacology and Immuno Analysis unit, studies the metabolome of individuals, animals or plants by mass spectrometry with the aim to identify biomarkers of interest.


  • CIFRE research contracts for PhD students established by Biomerieux, GSK, Phycosource, Profilomics, SANOFI or INRA complete this type of collaboration with hosting.
Academic research organizations:
  • The 9198 Joint Research Unit (UMR 9198) of the Biology of the Cell (I2BC) Integrative Institute gathers since January 2015 the skills of two IBITECS/CEA Saclay Units (SB2SM and SBIGeM) teams from CNRS and Université Paris Sud.
  • The Institute of Molecular Chemistry and Materials of Orsay (ICMMO) from the Université Paris Sud and Bioenergetics Department Structural Biology and Mechanisms of the Institute are collaborating in the field of chemistry for bio-inspired hydrogen photoproduction.
  • A mixed INRA/CEA unit made ​​of the Immuno Allergy Food Unit within the Pharmacology and Immuno Analysis unit of the Institute.

Recently, the creation of a joint laboratory (the Labcom ARCHIPEX established in November 2014) has formalized a long collaboration between the team of the institute led by Maite Paternostre and the pharmaceutical company IPSEN. This joint laboratory aims the development of new pharmaceutical forms self-assembled for a sustained release of peptide drugs.

Creating business

The IBITECS has a corporate creation culture mainly in the fields of pharmacology. Recently the Profilomics Company was created from the activities of the Pharmacology and Immunoassay Unit in mass spectrometry applied to metabolomics.

This culture is used by the "Funds Research and Technology Transfer" team to promote collaboration between industrials and research teams.


Exemples de produits vendus par le CEA à des industriels.
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