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Micellar nanovectors for tumor imaging.

​In the context of a collaboration with the I²BM institute, researchers from SCBM have designed micellar vectors for targeting and visual delineation of tumors.​

Published on 15 December 2015

​Compact polymerized polydiacetylene-micelles with "stealth" zwitterionic surface coating were assembled and tested in a murine xenograft model of breast cancer. In v​​​i​vo fluorescence imaging indicated accumulation in the tumor area and histological studies revealed predominant uptake of the micelles at the margins of the tumor, thereby allowing the delineation of its volume.​

Figure 1 : Visualization of the tumor margins by fluorescence imaging.​
Figure 2 : Structure and biodistribution of the fluorescent micelle in the tumor (sagittal section)​

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