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High-resolution mass spectrometry

​​The LEMM is one of four partners MetaboHUB, a National Infrastructure in Biology and Health coordinates the development of technologies and methodologies in the field of metabolomics and fluxomics to characterize the biochemical level large sets of samples. Researchers LEMM are working to characterize biomarkers in the areas of neurology, oncology, genetic diseases of the red cell and microbiology.

Published on 12 April 2017

​SPI MetaboHUB manager: Christophe Junot

The LEMM has 12 mass spectrometers for addressing various themes:

  • 5 liquid chromatography instruments together with mass spectrometers triple quadrupole analyzers, for absolute quantification applications of biomolecules, drugs or generally xenobiotics in biological media (dedicated to SMArt-MS)
  • 6 liquid chromatography instruments together with high-resolution mass spectrometers (flight time type analyzers or Orbitrap) for performing comprehensive approaches to metabolomics type lipidomics and glycomics but also biomolecules quantification experiments.
  • 1 mass spectrometer MALDI-TOF/TOF type (shared with the LERI) to make protein characterization experiments, glycans and complex lipids
Photos: F.Rhodes&L.Godart