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Laboratory of Bioenergetics, Metalloproteins and Stress

Published on 12 April 2017
The Laboratory of Bioenergetics, metalloproteins and stress (LBMS) brings together researchers from different backgrounds (physics, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics) that aim to study and understand the properties and function of complex biomolecular architectures often involved in bioenergetic processes and/or protection against light-induced oxidative stress.
Bruno Robert
Human resources
Bruno Robert, Researcher
Sun Un, Researcher
Leandro Tabares, Researcher
Massimo Marchi, Researcher
Stéphane Abel, Researcher
Ghada Ajlani , Researcher
Andy Pascal, Researcher
Andrew Gall, Researcher
Luc Bordes, Research Engineer 
Thibaut Desquilbet, Post-doctoral fellow
H.Y. Vincent Ching, Post-doctoral fellow
C. Ilioaia, PhD student
Elizabeth Kish, PhD student
Esra Karakas, PhD student

The LBMS themes:

Biological high-field magnetic resonance
Molecular simulation of membrane systems
Energy transduction, electron transfer and oxidative stress