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Oxidative Stress and Cancer Laboratory

Published on 12 April 2017

Human resources
Michel TOLEDANO, Researcher
Agnès DELAUNAY-MOISAN, Researcher
Benoit D'AUTREAUX, Researcher
Bo HUANG, Post doctoral fellow
Gwenaelle LE PAVEC, Technician
Gaël PALAIS, Technician
Alexander WEISS, PhD Student
Jean LABARRE, Researcher
Stéphane CHEDIN, Researcher 
Gilles LAGNIEL, Technician
Jean-Christophe AUDE, Researcher
Laurent MARICHAL, PhD Student
Carl MANN, Researcher
Jean-Yves THURET, Researcher
​Régis COURBEYRETTE, Technician
​Cyril CARVALHO, PhD Student

The oxidative stress and cancer laboratory is constituted by three teams:

Oxidative Stresses and cancer (Michel TOLEDANO)
Senescence and genome stability (Carl MANN)
Physiology and pathogenicity of stress (Stéphane CHEDIN)