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Laboratory of Drug Metabolism Research

Published on 10 September 2014
The activity of the Laboratory of Drug Metabolism Research (LEMM) is based on the development of analytical chemistry techniques (immunoanalysis and mass spectrometry), cell biology methods and molecular biology for biomedical research in the context of industrial and academic partnerships.
LEEM has a fleet of twelve mass spectrometry devices with triple quadrupole, ion trap, time of flight or Orbitrap analyzers and cell culture facilities.
As part of its activities with industrials, LEEM is accredited Good Laboratory Practices by ANSM since 1998.


Christophe Junot
CEA Saclay/Bât. 136
Tél. : 33 1 69 08 43 66




François BECHER, Researcher
Didier BOQUET, Researcher
Florence CASTELLI, Researcher
Benoit COLSCH, Researcher
François FENAILLE, Researcher
Amaury HERBET, Researcher
Christophe JUNOT, Researcher
Patricia LAMOURETTE, Researcher
Aloïse MABONDZO, Researcher
Alain PRUVOST, Researcher
Sophie CHOLET, Technician
Narciso COSTA, Technician
Aurélie GHETTAS, Technician
Anne-Cécile GUYOT, Technician
Frédéric THEODORO, Technician

The LEMM hosts about 15 interns, PhD students, engineers, technicians and researchers each year.

 The LEMM focuses on three themes:

Mass spectrometry of biological media : the development of metabolomic, lipidomic and glycomic approaches by mass spectrometry for the detection of diagnostic biomarkers, the monitoring of diseases and the development of new methods for detection and quantification of proteins (biomarkers, bioterrorism agents, recombinant proteins) and small molecules (including drugs and their metabolites)
Cellular models development for the study of blood-brain barrier : the development of models for in vitro studies of the blood-brain barrier
Antibody engineering : the development of antibody engineering techniques to study and optimize their pharmacokinetic properties for therapeutic or diagnostic applications.
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