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Permanent positions

Published on 8 June 2020

The Reactor Physics and Applied Mathematics division (SERMA) at CEA Saclay is currently looking for a Monte Carlo code developer to work on the Patmos mini-app.

At SERMA, the candidate will participate in the development of the Patmos prototype (mini-app) Monte-Carlo code, conceived for HPC applications in the domain of particle transport for nuclear applications (reactor physics, criticality-safety, radiation shielding and instrumentation). One of the key goals in the short term will be to extend the current capabilities of the code for multi-physics interfaces, coupling efficiency and stability, especially for isotopic evolution (depletion and activation), thermohydraulics and thermomechanics.

Data decomposition and domain decomposition algorithms will be also explored, designed and implemented, in view of preserving the maximum scalability of the code on super-computers (between 105 and 106 processors).

The Patmos code is also used as a tool for collaboration with the main research groups in private companies and academic institutions devoted to computer science and HPC (CEA DAM, Intel, Nvidia and other international research organizations).

The candidate should have a background in one or several of the following domains: computer science and HPC, scientific computing, particle transport, applied mathematics. A PhD degree, although not formally required, would be highly recommended. Teamwork skills are essential.

​To apply, send an email to:  tripoli4@cea.fr