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Preparing my application

CV and Cover Letter

​​​What should my CV and Cover Letter include? ​As the Enhanced Eurotalents Project Team and the experts will only have access to your written documents, it is of high importance that you write them with extreme caution and precision.​

Published on 27 September 2016
                                                                                                                                    © P.Stroppa/CEA​​

The CV and cover letter are intended for:
  1. ​The Enhanced Eurotalents Project Team, assessing the applicant's eligibility eligibility requirements and possibly transmitting the application files to scientific counsellors;
  2. The Enhanced Eurotalents Scientific Counsellors, possibly suggesting potential CEA host laboratories according to the applicant's profile;
  3. The Experts – only if you have found a CEA host laboratory submitted your research project – assessing the whole application including the CV, the cover letter, the research project, and the laboratory statement​.

Before writing your CV and your cover letter, it is in your best interest to consult the review criteria. Indeed, among other criteria, your professional skills, your research works, the relevance of the project will be assessed, but also your independence of thinking, your leadership qualities and your personal commitments. 


Your CV should include your academic achievements, a list of your past and present professional activities, your publications, and any other relevant information such as associative life involvement.

Your CV should be written in English and be uploaded in PDF format.​ ​It should not exceed 2 pages.

​Cover Letter

The applicants' motivation is assess​ed mainly on the basis of this document. Take this opportunity to display yours!

Your cover letter may be transmitted to scientific counsellors along with your CV in order to help you find a CEA host laboratory. In this perspective, we recommend you to be very precise regarding your research field and your expectations.

If you are already in touch with a CEA laboratory willing to host you to carry out your research project, you are invited to provide its name and the contact person's name in the cover letter, so that your application can proceed more quickly. Please keep in mind that Enhanced Eurotalents is a COFUND programme, and that, if you are selected, your host laboratory will have to support 60% of your salary.

Your cover letter should be written in English and be uploaded in PDF format. It should not exceed 1 page​.