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High Energy Physics, High Energy Density Physics and Physics of the Universe

​​​​Apply for an Enhanced Eurotalents  fellowship and contribute to advancing knowledge and answering the four fundamental questions raised by physicists around the world: What are the ultimate constituents of matter? What is the energy content of the Universe? What are the properties of matter under extreme conditions? What are the origin and structure of Universe?​​

Published on 11 August 2016

© P.Stroppa/CEA


The UHI100 laser​                                    © P.Stroppa/CEA​

CEA ranks among the world's 10 best research organizations in physics and participates in the greatest international scientific collaborations such as CERN, Hess, T2K, D0, and the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, ITER. Physicists at CEA's Institute for Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe (Irfu) and at the Institute for Research on Magnetic Fusion (IRFM) strive to understand particles and elementary forces, to domesticate fusion energy generated by the lightest nuclei, and to develop the physics' community next generation of very large research infrastructures.

  • ​Fundamental laws of the universe 
  • Ultimate constituents of matter 
  • Energy content of the universe
  • Origin and structure of the ​​universe
  • Properties of matter

​Research on high energy density physics is carried out in CEA centers in the greater Paris area and at the Center for Research on Intense Lasers and their Applications, C​ELIA, in Bordeaux. CEA researchers explore disciplines at the boundary of physics and high-tech applications, from femtosecond lasers and X-ray plasma sources, to XUV harmonic radiation and laser-plasma interaction.​​ ​​

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