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Writing my research project

​​Read carefully all the requirements before starting the redaction of your research proposal.

Published on 27 September 2016

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Once you feel ready and confident with your research project, you can start writin​g your research proposal by downlaoding the corresponding tem​plate​.

​​Please note that before writing your research project, you should have discussed it with your host laboratory.

​​Download the Research Project Template:

Your research proposal should include: 

  1. description of you r research project stating the state-of-the-art in your field, the objectives of your project, its methodology, its duration, etc. (max 2 pages) 
  2. a table with a complete list of tasks, your schedule and deliverables (max 1 page) 
  3. an ethical issues table (max 1 page)​

For the OCF applicants (i. e. CEA researchers who have a mobility project outside France), do not forget to deal with the work you will be doing during your return phase in your project description and schedule. Furthermore, please include the support letter of your host laboratory at the end of the document (in the same pdf-file).

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