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10 CEA Centres in France

CEA Centres

​​​CEA is based in ten research centres in France, each specializing in different fields. Altogether, CEA counts around 700 cutting-edge laboratories.

Published on 11 July 2016

​The research related to the panels covered by the Enhanced Eurotalents programme is conducted in five of the ten CEA research centres, i. e. CEA-Fontenay-aux-Roses; CEA-Saclay; CEA-Grenoble; CEA-Marcoule; CEA-Cadarache. 

  • ​CEA Cadarache Centre

Cadarache facility is specialised in energy (nuclear energy, solar energy, controlled thermonuclear fusion, etc.).

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  • CEA Fontenay-aux-Roses Centre

The CEA's Fontenay-aux-Roses research centre, which hosts specialist disciplines spanning nuclear engineering to bioengineering, continues to confirm its capacity to meet the needs of wider society: before, it was harnessing nuclear sciences to resolve energy issues, and today and on to tomorrow, it is harnessing life sciences to resolve health issues.

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  • CEA Grenoble Centre 

CEA Grenoble Centre is specialized in new technologies for energy, nanobiotechnologies, micro-nanotechnologies and health.

  • CEA Marcoule Centre

The Marcoule facility is dedicated to radioactive waste research and the downstream stages of the nuclear cycle in general.

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  • ​CEA Saclay Centre
The Saclay facility focuses on numerous research themes, such as astrophysics, nuclear energy, medical imaging and climatology.

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