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Laboratory Statement (for internal use only)

​​​​​​​Once the applicant has submitted his/her research project, ​the host laboratory is asked to fill in and sign the ​laboratory statement.​

Published on 18 July 2016

​​This document is a commitment from the laboratory to host the applicant for the achievement of his/her research project, if the latter is selected. It also includes a financial commitment: since the European Commission covers approximately 40% of the researcher's salary, the host department/institute has to be able to provide the remaining 60% of the Enhanced Eurotalents fellowship.

In addition, the reviewers will be asked to assess if the human and material ressources offered by the CEA host laboratory are in adequation with the research project. As a consequence, the contact person at the host labora​tory is highly encouraged to write a few lines on this topic. This may have an impact on the final grade, as the laboratory statement ​is sent to the reviewers along with the applicant's CV, cover letter and research proposal.

Consult the Laboratory Statement ​(for internal use only):​