The CEA in brief...

The CEA in brief...


To fulfil its duties defined by the government, the CEA relies on four operational divisions active on 10 different sites in France, themselves supported by a number of functional departments. The functional departments provide all the CEA’s support services: funding & programmes; human resources & labour relations; communications, legal affairs & disputes; purchasing & partnerships; international relations; auditing, risks & internal control. The CEA also manages the French National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN), a higher education and vocational training organisation working in fields of low-carbon energy sources and health technologies.

4 operational divisions

Military Applications Division (DAM)

The role of the CEA Military Applications Division is to support France’s defence and security services. It designs, develops and maintains the safety and reliability of its nuclear warheads for deterrence. It also designs and builds nuclear steam supply systems to power the French Navy’s vessels. The DAM assists the French nuclear safety authorities in its fight against nuclear proliferation and terrorism. Lastly, its expertise in defence is put to good use to assess and better manage the effects and weaknesses of conventional weapons.
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Missions concerned by the DAM

Energy Division (DES)

The CEA Energy Division provides the French public authorities and industry with the technical expertise and innovation needed to develop low-carbon power generation systems. Based on an integrated approach to energy systems, the DES explores all available means of low-carbon power production (nuclear, new energy technologies), along with issues like grid interfaces (storage, control, energy conversion) and resource management within a closed cycle, while taking into account technical, economic, societal and political aspects.

Missions concerned by the DES

Technological Research Division (DRT)

The CEA Technological Research Division covers the key societal and industrial challenges facing humanity today by developing and transferring innovative technologies to the industrial and business sectors that support digital transformation, improve public health, and respect the environment.
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Missions concerned by the DRT

Fundamental Research Division (DRF)

​The CEA Fundamental Research Division is actively involved in the fields of biotechnology & health, physical & earth sciences, physics & nanoscience. Its core objectives are to generate knowledge and expertise so it can be shared with the broadest global research community. Its research also provides a wealth of information that can be exploited by other CEA divisions.
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Missions concerned by the DRF

6 missions

10 CEA sites in France

  • 1- Headquarters

  • Civil research centres
  • 2- Paris-Saclay (Fontenay-aux-Roses and Saclay establishments
  • 3- Grenoble
  • 4- Marcoule
  • 5- Cadarache
  • Military applications research centres
  • 6- Île de France
  • 7- Le Ripault
  • 8- Valduc
  • 9- Cesta
  • 10- Gramat