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Published on 15 December 2023

I-Tésé is working closely with CEA LITEN the CEA’s institute specializing in renewable energy and materials, to provide new insights into hydrogen.

Objectives: Determine what the markets for hydrogen will be and how they will function; how hydrogen will be produced and deployed; and where the value will be on the value chain. 

Our philosophy is to address the entire value chain, up to and including potential hydrogen use cases in industry, transportation (including synthetic fuels), and electricity production during peak demand. The idea is to paint a comprehensive picture that includes the technical, economic, and environmental aspects of hydrogen production and transportation. It also means producing quantitative data for all potential use cases and comparing hydrogen to other sources of energy that could address the same use cases. For electricity, for instance, Power-to-Power routes must be compared to other flexibility solutions, such as batteries and thermal energy storage.


In October 2021, Rind Alhage, a PhD student at the Paris School of Economics, began researching this topic at I-Tésé. Her dissertation (forthcoming) will shed new light on the transportation and industrial sectors as potential entry points for hydrogen into France's broader energy system. An earlier dissertation, completed in 2019 at I-Tésé (co-financed by corporate partner Air Liquide), also addressed hydrogen. This new PhD research project will assess different hydrogen uptake scenarios factoring in demand, production, and local market aspects.

 Contact : Valérie Seguin