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Nanosafe Conference

Nanosafe 2010

​​The second edition of Nanosafe Conference

Published on 22 November 2016

The rapidly developing field of nanotechnologies presents many opportunities and benefits for new materials with significantly improved properties as well as revolutionary applications in the fields of energy, environment, medicine, etc... The industrial production and use of nanoparticles will be the driving force for the emerging new materials industry of the 21st century. In terms of economics, analysts have estimated that the worldwide market for nanomaterials will be 2,600 billion Euros in 2014. However, the potential impact of these new materials on human health and the environment is viewed with apprehension. This new industry can only develop dynamically if these preoccupations are satisfactorily allayed.

Following the successful outcome of the past International Conference on Safe production and use of nanomaterials Nanosafe 2008 that took place in Grenoble (France), the Organizing Committee has decided that the next edition will take place in MINATEC again in November 2010.

The objectives of the conference will be to make available the major progresses and future trends in the domain of the safe production and use of nanomaterials.


The three-day programme for this conference will comprise:

  • Invited plenary lectures
  • Confirmed lecturers include


Günter Oberdörster 
University of Rochester 

David Y.H. Pui

University of Minnesota

Michael Riediker

Institute for Work and Health

Jurron Bradley

Lux Research


Yuguo Song
University of Beijing

 Michael Ellenbecker
 University of  Massachusetts
 Lowell (USA)

 Tinh Nguyen 

 Bernd Nowack 
Empa (Switzerland)

 Jean-Yves Bottero
Cerege (France)

  Eric Gaffet
CNRS (France)


François Tardif 
CEA (France)

Paul Amyotte 

Dalhousie Univ. 

Rolf Eckhoff 

University of Bergen

 Daniel Bernard 

Arkema (France)



  • Selected oral contributions
  • Poster sessions
  • ​​Exhibition of equipments related to safe production and use of nanomaterials


1. Exposure assessment
2. Characterization, Detection and Monitoring
3. Nanomaterials life cycle
4. Toxicology
5. Environmental impact
6. Nanoparticle release from consumer products
7. Personal protection equipment
8. Secure industrial production
9. Safety parameters evaluation
10. Standardization, Regulations

​In​ternational Scientific Committee

​Chair: Frédéric SCHUSTER (CEA, FR)
          François TARDIF (CEA, FR)
Co-chair: Georgios KATALAGARIANAKIS (EC, BE)

  • Paul AMYOTTE (Dalhousie U., CA)
  • Mélanie AUFFAN (CEREGE, FR)
  • Jean-Yves BOTTERO (CEREGE, FR)
  • ​Jean-Philippe BOURGOIN (CEA, FR)
  • ​Marie CARRIERE (CEA, FR)
  • Krunal CHOPRA (LSFI, IN)
  • Rolf ECKHOFF (U. Bergen, NO)
  • Michael ELLENBECKER (U. Massachusetts, USA)
  • Claude EMOND (U. Montréal, CA)
  • ​François GENDARMES (IRSN, FR)
  • ​Peter HATTO (ISO, UK)
  • Peter HOET (KUL, BE)
  • Jean-Pierre KAISER (Empa, CH)
  • Olivier LE BIHAN (INERIS, FR)
  • Bernd NOWACK (Empa, CH)
  • ​Günter OBERDÖRSTER (U. Rochester, USA)
  • ​​David PUI (U. Minnesota, USA)
  • ​​Eric QUEMENEUR (CEA, FR)
  • ​​Robert SCHALLER (EPFL, CH)
  • ​​Carole SENTEIN (CEA, FR)
  • ​​Ken TAKEDA (U. Tokyo, JP)
  • ​​Louis TREPIED (MINEFE, FR)
  • ​Jacques VENDEL (IRSN, FR)
  • ​Olivier WITSCHGER (INRS, FR)​

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